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Human Conduct Meaning Sympathy, Civility, And Relationships

Since when the first writing was established in the Mesopotamian area, most cultures have strived to create a legacy that allowed people to remember them. And with the major empires rise before the common era were without the technologies and knowledge that we know today, it seems impossible. But the early empires were significant in the spread of knowledge, religions, or technologies; each with its own mark on history. And two eras that have exceeded in every way were the Roman and Chinese empires. During the Eastern Zhou era, ideas were furnished to â€Å"promote harmony and stability† (Judge, Langdon 80). This allowed the ethical philosophy in China, especially Confucianism, to be produced. It was absorbed into Buddhism and Daoism, and helped sustain the culture in times of political trouble. Confucianism stresses â€Å"humane conduct, civility, and relationships† (Judge, Langdon 81). Human conduct meaning sympathy, civility meaning courtesy, and the relationships that Judge and Langdon talk about are mainly to one’s parents, leaders, and ancestors (81). Confucius stresses in Analects that this is the Moral Way and that it could â€Å"return Chinese society to a state of harmony and justice† (Andrea Overfield 93). Although Confucianism was not written down during its founder’s life, the immediate followers were able to write down his teachings and produce them to their emperors. This held their rulers and officials to â€Å"high moral stan dardards, promoting good governance and discouragedShow MoreRelatedThe White Man s Burden By Rudyard Kipling10612 Words   |  43 Pagesbinary opposing approach of the ‘we/them’, and the power and violence approach of Foucault and Arendt could be readily attached to analyse the text. Having an eye on these approaches, this section offers a critical thinking about the nature of the relationship between the British and the Indians. 2.1 The Indian Landscape and the Sense of Displacement As in Heart of Darkness, the Indian landscape appears very hostile to the colonisers as if it conspires and plots against them. It depicts their socio-psychologicalRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesUnderstanding Work Teams 307 Communication 335 Leadership 367 Power and Politics 411 Conflict and Negotiation 445 Foundations of Organization Structure 479 v vi BRIEF CONTENTS 4 The Organization System 16 Organizational Culture 511 17 Human Resource Policies and Practices 543 18 Organizational Change and Stress Management 577 Appendix A Research in Organizational Behavior Comprehensive Cases Indexes Glindex 637 663 616 623 Contents Preface xxii 1 1 Introduction Read MoreRastafarian79520 Words   |  319 Pagesits routinization is in conversation with Karl Marx. While Marx sees all of social life, and hence all social change, as emanating from and shaped by the economic 8 RASTAFARI substructure of the society, Weber contends that ideas and the human actors who conceive and countenance them are often independent variables shaping cultural and social change. As sociologist Lewis Coser observes, â€Å"He [Weber] attempted to show that the relations between systems of ideas and social structures wereRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesRichard Moser, eds., The World the Sixties Made: Politics and Culture in Recent America Joanne Meyerowitz, ed., History and September 11th John McMillian and Paul Buhle, eds., The New Left Revisited David M. Scobey, Empire City: The Making and Meaning of the New York City Landscape Gerda Lerner, Fireweed: A Political Autobiography Allida M. Black, ed., Modern American Queer History Eric Sandweiss, St. Louis: The Evolution of an American Urban Landscape Sam Wineburg, Historical Thinking and

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Voices From The Heartland By Julie Carson Essay - 1224 Words

Voices from the Heartland is an anthology of essays that relates the stories of Oklahoma women. The authors share their experiences about their lives in Oklahoma: childhood experiences, relationships with neighbors, devastating times, life-changing events. The essays are organized under a set of themes, not limiting the contributors to a specific topic. Some of the pieces are light-hearted, such as Julie Carson’s essay about her left-handedness, while others deal with the struggles the authors have gone through because of their gender. While the gender issues accentuated in the book are conveyed by Oklahoma women, they are relevant to women everywhere, in America, other industrialized nations, as well as developing countries. Women are often confined to a set of ideals and expectations because of one simple fact: they are women. Many of the women who contributed to this book have faced gender stereotyping and discrimination. Instead of allowing traditional social norms to confine them to an unwanted lifestyle, they challenged these conventional ideals, risking failure and facing condemnation from strangers as well as people close to them. People often associate feminism with negativity and pessimism. In â€Å"Feminism is a Dirty Word,† Cindy Simon Rosenthal talks about how people refuse to define themselves as a â€Å"feminist.† However, the movement does not advocate for women’s special privileges. Feminism celebrates social equality and supports the utilization of all talents.

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How the Golf Equipment Is Changing Free Essays

On top of that recession of 2007-08 and counterfeiting products in the market was the worst exasperations Golf Equipment industry had ever met. Every sports equipment manufacturer needs sales on the peak to grow and sustain In competitive environment. Sales are forecasted on the basis of demand in the market. We will write a custom essay sample on How the Golf Equipment Is Changing or any similar topic only for you Order Now Up to this point Golf Equipment manufacturers were happy but when some Golf Associations and Clubs hopped in, they ruined the demand by imposing limitations on technological design Innovations In club head and golf balls etc. Core Golfers were the biggest source of Golf Equipment sales and revenue. These consisted of the players who played 91% of the total golf rounds played in a year. Core Golfers had their problems as well for instance; hours of practice, instruction from a professional and patience to master all the aspects of Golf were their good excuses and a sales threat to Golf Equipment Industry subsequently. Underlying Drivers that changed Industry: The timestamp between 1997 and mid asses was the era of growth for Golf Equipment Industry but then came then came some underlying drivers that brought a downturn to the sales and growth. These drivers are named and explained below along with the effect they left on this industry. 1. USGS and R A Golf Club of SST. Andrews . Golfers and rounds played 3. Counterfeiting Products 4. Recession USGS and R A Golf Club of SST. Andrews: From asses till early asses, Golf Equipment industry was growing. Lots of innovations were being brought by manufacturers. For instance; size of the golf driver was Increased to minimize the bad effects of efficient hits. Similarly wedges were given more groove for Improving accuracy and balls were redesigned too. These all were for distance and accuracy purpose. These innovations proved good for PIG players 1 OFF as well as Tort Alphas. Average Elegance coverage was Increased Trot 2 yards. Consequently tournament committees started lengthening the golf courses. To protect the historic golf courses from being lengthened as there were space limitations, an association known as USGS (United Stated Golf Association) found CORD (Coefficient of Restitution or spring like effect in lay man’s language) in this game and this was the start of impositions on Gold equipment technological innovations. CORD is a technical term describing the energy transference between two objects. According to USGS, CORD must not exceed 0. 83 otherwise spring like effect will be produced and that is barred. R A Club of SST. Andrews also had an agreement with SAGA on the limitations imposed. R A introduced another measurement I. E. CT(Characteristic Time) Test which, to avoid spring like effect required Golf ball to remain in contact with face of driver, not more than 257 microseconds. Although CT test was overruled by USGS subsequently but some other rules were brought in relating to driving clubs and balls. Manufacturers were disappointed by the limitations imposed but they were still struggling to find their way. As USGS did not bring rules regarding club head size and club face, Golf Equipment manufacturers started trying to bring hangs in club face area that will produce maximum CT and they were successful. This club face performance was named as MOM (Moment of Inertia). After some alterations, golfers could achieve maximum driving distance. USGS after recognizing this change imposed limitation on MOM to 5900 g-CM with a tolerance of 100 GM- CM. Later on USGS imposed limitations on golf balls and wedges etc. All these impositions affected golf manufacturing industry. Some companies challenged USGS by introducing a driver with 0. 86 CORD but all in vain. This affected the recreational golf players also. USGS answered all the challenges and blames by stating that the purpose of limitations was to avoid excessive reliance on technological advancements rather than skills. Golfers and rounds played: Apart from the fact that SAGA produced lots of obstacles in the growth of Golf Equipment Industry, there were some other factors also which contributed towards this downturn. A survey conducted in 2003 showed that interest of Golfers themselves is also declining. This lack of interest was caused by overall difficulty of the game. Golfers usually don’t have much time to play as this game requires ample time to practice. Married players have had Job responsibilities as well as family time to be given. Players aged 40 and above were usually having health problems so they could not even play like core Golfers too. Some have even blamed high fee being charged which does not attract them more often. Counterfeiting Products: In mid asses, counterfeiters were giving very tough time to branded companies. Sometimes these people were so good in counterfeiting products that they look very near to the branded ones. Golf Equipment branded companies were shocked when they realized that some auctioneers are selling counterfeited golf equipment for $1 50 o $400, the branded price of which is $2500 to $3000. It was easy for eBay sellers to offer cheaper equipment. Why these counterfeiters came into the picture? There are different reasons, one of them is decisions made by golf executives who were sourcing club heads and giving contracts to manufacturers in china. Counterfeiters were persuading employees to steal molar AT Drained equipment . Black market production was also carried out in overtime. They even knew the packaging details of that equipment too. Steps were taken when six major manufacturers created an alliance to stop counterfeiting operations. A Chinese guy was prisoner for 3 years and fined $58000. Golf Equipment Industry Recession (2007-2008): The biggest factor which affected this industry was recession of 2007-2008. This was a combined effect which basically started with credit and housing industry. Another major effect was on oil prices shooting up from $2. 25 to $3 and then $4 per gallon in 2008. As the golfer that time might be a Job holder as well. He Might be using excessive credit cards. So recession made his credit card bills a huge burden for him and similarly for other golfers too. Rise in Mortgage payments added few more faculties to them. How to cite How the Golf Equipment Is Changing, Papers

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Existence of God free essay sample

A discussion on one of the most famous and debated arguments for the existence of God presented by an 11th century philosopher, theologian and church leader, Saint Anselm (1033-1109). The following paper argues that the ontological argument for the existence of God is one of the weakest proofs for the existence of God. This paper describes the argument in some detail, analyzes its pros and cons and arrives at a logical conclusion. Immanuel Kant, the famous 18th century philosopher objected to the ontological argument for the existence of God by arguing, being is not a real predicate. In simpler words Kant argued that existence is not an attribute of an object like temperature, shape, size etc.; hence existence cannot be associated with the definition of an object. He has objected to attributing existence to the definition of an object because by doing so, we could prove anything exists by this method. We will write a custom essay sample on Existence of God or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Therefore the existence or non-existence of God cannot have anything to do with the definition of God.While focusing on the weaknesses of the Anselms ontological proof we must not totally disregard the counter-arguments of its supporters. It would, therefore, be appropriate to mention that other philosophers have argued that there are senses in which existence is a predicate and Kants argument that existence is not a predicate cannot be taken for granted.